Classification of Personally Identifiable Data

Softwarereview.site respects their customers and so does security and confidentiality. We do not have any covert operations. Therefore, we become accessible regardless of the fear of losing personal data by anyone willing to approach us via our site which is easy to browse on any device. Our goal is to go through the right procedure and collect your information. We likewise can require your personal information if we approach you directly in some contexts.The circumstances involve-

• If you buy this product through our website directly or in any other way using letter, email, telephone, fax, etc.

• At any time, when you register with us, apply for any reward programs, Subscribe to our newsletter, or register for promotions.

• We get the feedback from the provided services for you.

Make a Booking or Purchase

When If you travel with us, we may require your personal details when booking a package using a credit card. These details include your name credit card billing address, credit card number with expiry date, in addition to your mobile phone number, telephone number.

Another example could be when we use other contact information, like travellers’ frequent fly numbers. The collected information is primarily for ensuring, processing and verifying your reservations and transactions with us.

Also, We will keep you posted about the transaction status. At there, sometimes you need the reassurance of other individuals who go along with you.

Registration of Members

Kindly note that our website allows you to become a member. But, in case you want to enjoy the benefits of becoming our registered member then you need to disclose your address, name, phone number (landline and mobile), email ID. You are needed to complete all the information on a form of application for many purposes.These are

• Personal identification.

• Enabling us to be able to contact you for any customer service purposes

• This will not only help us to personalize the content but also facilitate in enhancing the facility and services.

Being a registered member of us, you may receive a special offer related to our email or some of all of our new services from the company. This may give your mobile number out. Id etc. We also need your email id for the purpose of confirmation that you have been registered as a new member with us. It is necessary to provide us with your phone number and email address to send you all the reservation emails when you book our website. You can stop e-mail messages at any moment of your choice too.

Using Profile Data and Demographics

For the objectives of tracking few functions, third party application service providers are requested. These companies use cookie based recordering of your visit to those websites and thus to measure the effectiveness of advertisements.

According to which page you visit, we may get information from you about what you do on our website. Data, like the pages or products you are checking can also be collected which would also allow us to enhance our services and those which are personalised as per your personal interests, needs and preferences.

Our company would use this data for the calculation of the visited and departing time of the website visitors. Moreover, adopting this data will show the number of click throughs and ad banner from our website.

We could, however, consolidate this kind of data and make it available to the third parties. But all your personal information is in safe hands. Other party wouldn’t be informed of the details.

Distributing Personal Information

The Softwarereview.com website will soon be transferring all the combo promotional emails to you once you successfully finish with registration on our service. However some details are necessary to the processes.

Nevertheless, we will not share your contact details with no one except to facilitate your booking or enquiry. Whenever you attempt to contact us as the customer, you must accept the way that we use or disclose your personal information.

Links to Other Website

It is to be informed that softwarereview.site and its owners, agents and the staff do not accept any responsibility over the privacy policies or contents of other sites to which this site might link. For any other information on the privacy policy, do write to us at: [email protected].